Van Dijk’s header shows Klopp’s class in front of MU coaches

24 Jan 2022 | 14:15

 Liverpool were 10 points ahead of rivals Manchester United after Jurgen Klopp’s men beat Crystal Palace 3-1 at Selhurst Park with Virgil van Dijk’s opener.

The Dutchman’s impressive header was Liverpool’s 12th goal from set-pieces, more than any other team in the league. This is clearly different from Manchester United. In the match against West Ham, they have 3 failed corners, meaning that the Red Devils have 100% failed in all 110 corners this season.

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 Klopp was once discussed when he hired a throw-in coach.

One of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s final moves as United manager was to hire a set-piece coach and bring in Eric Ramsay, who had previously worked with Chelsea, at Old Trafford. .

But while United continue to struggle, Liverpool under Jurgen Klopp have become the beneficiaries of those situations. Van Dijk told Sky Sports after the game: ” It was a very good corner from Andy Robertson. We practiced a lot for this situation and the important thing was that I was finally able to get on the board once. I’m happy to get the three points because it was a tough game.”

Klopp has also identified set-pieces that will present clear opportunities. In 2018, the German strategist was discussed when he made the decision to hire a professional throw-in coach, making Thomas Gronnemark a part of the coaching staff.

Klopp explains the appointment is to ensure his players receive the best and most professional advice they can get: “You never have enough experts around you. I have to always. are the decision makers when we use all of these professionals but you never get enough of the people you need. We have the fitness department, the health department, we have the nutrition department, and now we have people to teach throw-ins.”

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 Robertson is Liverpool’s corner specialist.

“But that may not be 100% clear – maybe it’s my fault – but I will do everything to improve the performance of the players.”

With Andrew Robertson and Trent Alexander-Arnold, Liverpool also have two of the best crossers in the world. But that doesn’t come naturally either. During pre-season preparations, Klopp brought in psychological coaches Niklas Hausler and Patrick Hantschke to help improve their accuracy. Assistant coach Pepijn Lijnders once explained: ” Niklas and Patrick have done some unique work with some of our players on free kicks and penalties. They provide the right information for the players to shoot. with greater precision. They help the players get back in shape and reset the spirit.”

Klopp’s unofficial mentor, Ralf Rangnick, now in the hot seat at Old Trafford, knows well the importance of set-pieces, but so far his influence has not been felt. . Liverpool are far ahead of Man United with small and precise investments.