The scenario waiting for PSG in the 1/8 round of the C1 Cup: The ultimate challenge for Messi?

31 Dec 2021 | 05:53

The brightest scenario for Pochettino’s team is that UEFA’s draw on this December 13 will bring them to the team that will top Group G this season, which is Lille Club. As of today, the situation of teams stopping and moving on is almost clear except for Group G. If they have to meet Lille, Salzburg or even Sevilla, those are all scenarios that make the team’s fans defensive. peace of mind in France.

However, if the “god of luck” does not smile, the next round of PSG will be thorny. The powerful names that PSG will face are Real Madrid, Bayern, Chelsea or Liverpool. In addition, lower-rated names like Ajax or Manchester United are not easy to “eat” with Pochettino’s army.
In the above group, Ajax seems to be the opponent that PSG wants to meet the most. However, coach Erik ten Hag’s team is in extremely high form in the European arena when they have passed the group stage with 6 absolute victories.

In addition, an unstable Manchester United could also be a brighter match for PSG. However, it should be remembered that it was Le Parisien who fell before the British representative in the round of 16 right at the Park of the Princes 3 years ago. But this is the match that neutral fans are looking forward to with a rematch between Messi and Ronaldo.

Looking at the whole situation to see that, it is likely that the French team will have to overcome an extremely difficult threshold if they want to move on to the quarterfinals of this year’s UEFA Champions League. However, this is also a good “reagent” for PSG to really test their strength in the season where they place a lot of expectations. Therefore, in order to prove the ambition and class of the number 1 team in France, Messi and his teammates must overcome difficulties.