Taking the lead in boycotting Russia, Poland benefits greatly in the World Cup qualifiers

09 Mar 2022 | 10:15

 Russia has been eliminated from the 2022 World Cup qualifying play-off, which allows their opponent Poland to skip 1 match.

England coach talks about Poland

After Russia attacked Ukraine, Poland was the first team to announce that they would not go to Russia for the World Cup qualifiers later this month, the Czech Republic and Sweden also made similar statements. Then things got worse for Russia when they were knocked out of this qualifying round by FIFA. Thereby, Poland, which is scheduled with Russia, will have a ticket to go directly to the play-off final

Russia has been banned from international competition indefinitely and its clubs are not allowed to participate in UEFA competitions. That means Spartak Moscow has been eliminated from the knockout round of the Europa League.

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 Poland only needs to play 1 World Cup play-off match.

FIFA said in a recent statement on the change to the European World Cup play-offs: “The Ukrainian Football Federation has written to FIFA asking that their qualifying matches be rescheduled due to the inability to hold the tournament. responsible for the travel and training of a team in the current circumstances.”

“After consulting with UEFA and the four member associations participating in Group A of the European play-off round, in a spirit of solidarity, we have agreed to accept this request. The match between Scotland and Ukraine , originally scheduled for March 24, 2022, will be postponed to June.”