“Salah is a global icon”

26 Dec 2021 | 07:46

Former player Stephen Warnock thinks that Mohamed Salah brings Liverpool a lot of value off the pitch.

Since joining Anfield in 2017, Mohamed Salah has become an irreplaceable mainstay in the attack. In this season, the Egyptian striker is showing explosive form when he has 22 goals in all competitions.

The contract of the 29-year-old star will expire in 2023, so Liverpool are trying to keep the number 11 with a new contract. The media said that The Kop will make Salah the highest-paid player in the Premier League, up to £ 500,000 / week. Currently, this information is causing quite a bit of controversy.

Former player Stephen Warnock said: “From Liverpool’s point of view, the contract is not just based on what Salah brings on the pitch, you have to think about what he brings in terms of revenue.

People come to Anfield to watch Salah play, he sells shirts all over the world, he is a global icon. That plays a part and I think Liverpool know well.

I don’t think there is any doubt that Salah will sign a new contract.

You have to look at Salah’s age, but now, the way the players are taken care of, the way they take care of themselves, the facilities, you’re seeing a top-notch career prolonging.

You used to see players who reach the age of 31-32 will have to drop out, but now you don’t see that players can play at the highest level for longer.”