Ronaldo sublimated, is it time for Bruno to be purged?

13 Mar 2022 | 13:10

 Bruno Fernandes was not present in the match against Tottenham, but Cristiano Ronaldo had a brilliant performance.

Man Utd announce Ronaldo’s return from Juventus

Before the match, Bruno was suddenly dropped for health reasons. Some sources said that it is very likely that the Portuguese midfielder is positive for COVID-19. However, on a day when the number 18 did not play, another Portuguese star shone brightly, that of Cristiano Ronaldo.

CR7 has received a lot of criticism in recent times because of its reduced goal-scoring performance. As usual, when under pressure, the 37-year-old striker responded with a superb performance, thereby making those who criticize him silent. The hat-trick that Ronaldo “saved” the disastrous day of the Man Utd defense.
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 Ronaldo has a sublime playing day.

The 3 goals that CR7 scored are all trademark strikes that made his name. The opening goal was a classy long shot, then a situation where the ice cut the cushion of the ball close to the wall, and finally a powerful header.

Those who watched the match must have been surprised when Ronaldo was active all over the pitch. At one point, he even stepped down to the Red Devils defense, coordinating with the defenders. Tottenham’s defense is therefore also “helpless” in arranging the number 7 follower.
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 Diagram of Ronaldo’s activities in the match against Tottenham.

Statistics show that the former Juventus star has 2 times to recover the ball, 2 times to regain control, 3 times to succeed in aerial combat, 54 touches of the ball (8 in the penalty area), passing accuracy rate is 95%, 14 passes into the last 1/3 of the opponent’s field, launched 5 shots on target, and 3 goals. Remember, Ronaldo is 37 years old.

CR7’s brilliant performance made people forget the absence of Bruno Fernandes. Is it possible that when there is no fellow midfielder in the squad, does Ronaldo really bring out his full potential? Ronaldo now tends to play as a striker, but he is not the type of striker waiting in the penalty area but operates very widely. Bruno also has a similar tendency, which is why this duo often treads on each other’s feet, not having a good connection as one would expect.
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 Should Bruno Fernandes be purged?

In the match against Tottenham, it was easy to see the good combination between Jadon Sancho and Ronaldo. The former Dortmund star with the ability to break through from two sides, attracting attention from the opponent’s defense has opened more space for CR7. It will not be surprising if next time, we see Bruno often have to get used to the bench.