Quang Hai is not afraid of failure when going abroad to compete

01 Apr 2022 | 11:44

The midfielder of the Hanoi club and the Vietnamese team did not reveal a new destination abroad, but affirmed that he was not afraid of failure.

“Viettel’s team has many good players like Hoang Duc, Tien Dung. They are like Hai, full of enthusiasm and desire to express themselves. I hope both teams will try to play with dedication. This could be the last match of the team. I’m in V.League. I will try to play well to contribute to the club” , Nguyen Quang Hai shared at the press conference on the afternoon of April 1.

Quang Hai’s contract with Hanoi FC ends on April 12. Until then, Hai still went to the field to practice and play for the capital team very professionally. In front of Hai and his teammates is the second round match of V.League 2022 against Viettel on April 4. He has not revealed his new destination.
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 Nguyen Quang Hai said he would not let emotions affect his attitude to compete with Viettel on April 4. Photo: Ngoc Le.

“I can’t reveal where I’m going yet, but I definitely want to compete in a higher environment than V.League to challenge myself, experience and learn. Adapting to overseas competition conditions It’s not too difficult for every professional player, not just me. I also go to play abroad in the national team’s shirt, I think it’s not too difficult ,” Hai continued.

The player born in 1997 said that foreign languages ​​are not a big barrier for him, because the Hanoi club has long created conditions for players to learn English to integrate. “It’s not too difficult for me ,” Quang Hai said.


Quang Hai is the next member of Vietnamese football to go abroad after Le Cong Vinh, Nguyen Tuan Anh, Nguyen Cong Phuong, Luong Xuan Truong. The names mentioned above were all unsuccessful, but Quang Hai was not afraid.

“The fact that I accept the challenge of going abroad to compete has been a success for me personally. Whether I can compete or adapt is a matter of the future ,” Quang Hai said.

He continued: “Not only Van Hau, but those who have gone abroad before in Vietnamese football also have many lessons. I take that to learn for myself, to develop my career in my own way.”

The second round match of V.League 2022 between Hanoi FC and Viettel will take place on April 4. This will most likely be Quang Hai’s last match for the capital team. For Quang Hai personally, this will be an emotional farewell.

Ngoc Le – | 16:35 April 1, 2022