“Phil Jones will attend the 2022 World Cup”

07 Jan 2022 | 07:24

TalkSport host Andy Goldstein believes that Phil Jones can absolutely attend the 2022 World Cup with the England team.

Phil Jones made his first appearance for Man Utd in nearly two years, in a clash with Wolves on Monday night. He had impressive minutes, despite a disappointing performance and results from the Reds.

 Jones is commendable for his efforts.

Jones is commendable for his efforts.

The next step for Jones is to stay fit, to get more opportunities in Ralf Rangnick’s starting lineup. And Andy Goldstein has high expectations for the 29-year-old midfielder between now and the end of 2022.

“I can make a statement, Phil Jones will attend the 2022 World Cup with England,” Andy Goldstein said. “We don’t have a lot of great centre-backs. There are a few centre-backs in the England squad that I think Phil Jones is better than them when he’s at his peak . He’s better than [Tyrone] Mings. I would rather have Jones than Conor Coady in the two centre-backs.”

When asked if Jones was better than Man City’s John Stones, Andy Goldstein replied: “Oh, there’s something ostentatious about the Stones play. I was always worried that the Stones would do something fancy but unnecessary in defence. Phil Jones is going to the World Cup.”

It should be remembered that Jones was part of England’s squad for the 2018 World Cup, when Gareth Southgate’s men reached the semi-finals.