Losing to Liverpool, Tuchel accidentally found a “cure” for Lukaku

28 Feb 2022 | 14:21

 Kai Havertz was voted Chelsea’s best attacking player last night and it could suggest Thomas Tuchel a new attacking plan.

Tuchel talks about the decision to put Lukaku on the bench

It can be said that Kai Havertz possesses a seemingly endless source of energy during last night’s Carabao Cup Final. In the 105th minute, he still had a strong sprint and had a shoulder flick that was enough to make right-back Trent Alexander-Arnold bitter. Brave, rough, thorny, those are the adjectives that people describe Havertz before Liverpool.
Havertz's excellence can help Chelsea change fate - Football

 Havertz played extremely aggressively against Liverpool. 

Not only brave, the German player also plays very effectively in attack. He had 4 successful passes (the highest in the match), 8 wins in hand-to-hand disputes and 5 passes that opened up scoring opportunities for his teammates.

Havertz deserves 10 points if his shot against Liverpool at the start of extra time does not fall into an offside position. But at least, his dazzling performance also suggested to Thomas Tuchel about a new way of playing in Chelsea’s attack.

Accordingly, Havertz can play behind Romelu Lukaku in a 3-5-2 formation. A few days ago, the German player admitted that he had no problem playing the virtual number 9 but was strongest when he kicked the number 10 and that Havertz’s childhood idols were Mesut Ozil as well as Ronaldinho and Kaka.

“Ronaldinho has a huge influence on me, so does Kaka because he’s also a No. 10 and he’s tall. As a kid, I tried to do the same things in the garden with the ball, imitating them a lot. little,” shared Havertz.

“Of course we all know Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, as children these are big players. In Germany it’s Mesut Ozil, who’s also No 10, he’s very good,” Havertz added.

Meanwhile, coach Fabio Capello, former Juventus captain, said that Romelu Lukaku’s failure to show high performance in recent times is due to the way Chelsea and Inter play football differently. According to him, at Inter, the system is operated according to the 2 striker scheme, in addition, Chelsea also pass shorter than the Serie A champions. 
Havertz's excellence can help Chelsea change fate - Football

 Lukaku plays well in the formation of 2 strikers.

“Lukaku is a perfect fit for (Antonio) Conte’s counter-attacking style at Inter, because there’s a lot of space, he’s got the power and the pace, which allows him to level defenders at Inter,” he said. Serie A,” Capello explained to Sky Sport Italia.

“However, Chelsea play very different football with lots of short passes and Lukaku doesn’t have a lot of space to move,”  Capello explains why Lukaku is struggling.

Watch Lukaku’s goal against Liverpool to see how much space he needs to take advantage of his pace. There, Lukaku circled around behind the Liverpool midfielder, followed by a fake move to fool the entire defense and a hammer-like shot. Unfortunately, like many other balls in the match, Lukaku’s goal was caught offside. 

A little hint against Liverpool was enough for Tuchel to see that Lukaku would play better if he had a public side by his side . Lautaro Martinez plays that role very well at Inter and Havertz is no less than the Argentine striker.