Looking at Camavinga “bullying” the PSG stars, I saw Arteta’s wisdom

10 Mar 2022 | 09:56

 The young French star is receiving special attention from the Emirates Stadium team.

Camavinga practice

In recent rounds, coach Mikel Arteta has made a number of adjustments to Arsenal’s midfield.

Although still keeping the familiar 4-2-3-1 formation, every time the Gunners control the ball, the Spaniard decides to push Granit Xhaka up to play as a left 8 and hand it all over. the task of supporting the defense back to Thomas Partey.
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 Arteta has made some adjustments to the Arsenal midfield.

This layout is bringing great efficiency and making an important contribution to Arsenal’s winning streak in recent rounds. However, Arteta is also considering the option of upgrading the midfield by recruiting a brighter element to replace Xhaka’s position.

The Swiss star’s starting point was a scanner, so having to be more involved in the distribution of the ball and coordinating with his teammates also made him difficult. For that reason, Arteta intends to bring to Emirates a type of player who can play well in both a connecting role and a defensive support.

Recently, there have been many speculations that the 39-year-old captain is aiming for the young star of Real Madrid – Eduardo Camavinga.


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 Arsenal keep an eye on Camavinga.

Although only arrived at Los Blancos in the transfer window last summer, but with not guaranteed the opportunity to play regularly, Arteta believes that the Gunners can completely convince the 19-year-old midfielder to join the Emirates if committed. making him an important part of the club’s development plan.

Many fans are still quite skeptical about Arteta’s transfer plan, especially when Camavinga has not shown much in the big playgrounds. But after the French player’s impressive performance against Paris Saint-Germain recently, they somewhat felt that this decision was really wise.
Camavinga - Football

 Camavinga owns a 100% tackle success rate in the encounter with PSG.

Camavinga came on in the 56th minute to replace Toni Kroos. In the context of the Real Madrid midfield showing a lack of determination in the siege phase of the ball dispute from the PSG stars, coach Carlo Ancelotti hopes that the youth and good contention ability from Camavinga can help the home team. to improve the situation.

And the change of the Italian strategist has helped Real pick up the sweet fruit. Since joining the field, former talent Rennes has been active, bringing abundant energy to the midfield. Not only neutralizing Neymar or Marco Verratti, Camavinga also launched bright water passes (3/3 long accurate passes) and created good bonds with teammates.

Besides Karim Benzema or Luka Modric, the French star certainly played an important part in helping Los Blancos create a spectacular comeback against PSG. This once again confirms that Arteta’s targeting of Camavinga is absolutely correct.