It’s time for Arteta and Arsenal to change to adapt

19 Mar 2022 | 09:21

 Mikel Arteta complains about the schedule, but it’s something he and his players need to get used to.

Video Arteta talks about Arsenal’s fixtures

For the first time, Mikel Arteta lost his cool demeanor. When asked about Arsenal’s trip to Aston Villa at noon on Saturday (local time), Arteta’s anger suddenly flared.

Accordingly, the Spanish military leader was angry, criticizing the unreasonable arrangement of the Premier League organizers for Arsenal. Arsenal’s game against Villa will be their third in six days. It came in the earliest time frame of this week’s round despite the Gunners having just met Liverpool in the middle of the week. 
Complaining about the schedule, Arteta has an argument to help Arsenal overcome the pressure - Football

 Arteta is angry about Arsenal’s fixture list.

At a crucial stage of the season and what is at stake for Arsenal, it’s understandable why Arteta would be annoyed by the situation. Arteta’s players do not have a proper recovery period, which he and the medical staff believe increases the risk of injury. Arteta’s complaints are clearly justified despite his statement facing a series of criticisms from Antonio Conte.

Three games in six days isn’t an ideal fixture, but Arsenal have managed to avoid missing out on European competition nonetheless . Manchester United played in the Champions League. West Ham entered the Europa League and Tottenham also appeared in the Europa Conference League before they were eliminated from the competition by UEFA. They are Arsenal’s rivals in the top 4 race and both have more matches than the Gunners up to now.

If Arsenal have only played 34 times, then the number of Man Utd is 40. Meanwhile, West Ham played 43 matches and Tottenham played 44 matches. Most of all, Arsenal only move within the country instead of making many flights to other countries in Europe.

The harshness of the schedule is also something Arsenal should gradually get used to. Because if they concretize the advantage of winning in the top 4, the London club will participate in the Champions League next season. They will have to adjust to play more games than they have in the past 12 months.
Complaining about the schedule, Arteta has an argument to help Arsenal overcome the pressure - Football

 Arsenal need to get used to the plowing.

Anyway, there’s no good reason why a team playing a Premier League game on Wednesday night would then be chosen as the earliest match for the next round. It’s an easily avoidable situation, but it won’t be the first time Arsenal have faced such torture.

The team needs to learn to get used to, change to adapt even though Arteta has his own arguments.