Ian Rush points out the difference between Lukaku and Abraham

28 Jan 2022 | 08:52

 In Ian Rush’s opinion, coaches have a big impact on strikers’ ability to score.

Talking to, the legendary Ian Rush has made remarkable comments around Romelu Lukaku’s recent failure (quoted by Mirror):

Tuchel on what is wrong with Lukaku - Football

 Lukaku has not lived up to expectations. 

“I’ve been watching Romelu Lukaku’s progress since the time he fixed the problem with Thomas Tuchel, but he doesn’t seem to have found the form I’d hoped for.”

“I see, it’s a bit like the situation Harry Kane was in at the start of the season. But, Kane is starting to score again, and I wonder if Lukaku will do the same when he gets to play. more than.”

“We know Lukaku can score goals, because he’s already done it at every level. But, Lukaku has to build up his fitness because he doesn’t look sharp.”

“You could even argue that Lukaku is trying a little too hard, which makes matters worse.”

“Some Chelsea fans may wonder, why did they sell Tammy Abraham and bring in Lukaku. Abraham is ‘scoring goals for fun’ in Italy, although it must be said that Serie A is not as strong as the current Premier League.”

“But, the big difference between Abraham and Lukaku right now, is that Abraham is enjoying his football.”

“Jose Mourinho showed Abraham a certain love, which is really important for a striker, while Lukaku and Tuchel don’t really understand each other.”