Half a year passed, Saul pointed out the complete tactical difference between Tuchel and Simeone

03 Feb 2022 | 16:23

 The Spanish midfielder shared about the different approaches between the two famous strategists.

Joining Chelsea on the last day of the summer market last year, Saul Niguez experienced a rough start at a new destination. The Spanish midfielder showed signs of being overwhelmed with the foggy football environment and was withdrawn from the field by coach Thomas Tuchel in both Premier League matches in the starting lineup.

After a long period of adaptation, Saul gradually got better and received favorable words from Tuchel. In an interview with The Blues homepage recently, the 27-year-old star analyzed the difference between the current teacher’s tactics and Diego Simeone’s at Atletico Madrid.


Saul on working with a new coach must also have been a big change for you after being with Diego Simeone - Bóng Đá

Simeone and Tuchel employ two distinct strategies.

“The clearest example in the early stages is with the organization of the defense here.” Saul said. In the midfield, Chelsea defended in a man-made way and allowed the five defenders to move more, becoming more flexible. Atletico defends the area, so if your teammates are high, you will fill in the space behind, not follow.

Here, you do not close the gap, but focus on the opponent’s player. So it’s completely different and it’s quite difficult because I’m a little bit unable to do what the head coach wants me to do. However, I am very fortunate that Thomas’s English accent is very clear and I can understand. I also study English so I can better understand what the coach wants and adjust myself.”