Get rid of all the superfluous people, Mikel Arteta is praised

16 Mar 2022 | 06:47

 Former player Glen Johnson has notable comments surrounding the situation of the Emirates Stadium team.

Arteta on Liverpool clash 

Arsenal this year has had a bad start, but as soon as the rookies successfully adapt to the new environment and develop their values, the Gunners have truly become a top team in the Premier League.

In view of Glen Johnson, coach Mikel Arteta really deserves praise after successfully reviving Arsenal this season. Talking to Ladbrokes, the former Liverpool player shared:

“Even two months ago, absolutely no one supported Arsenal in the top four, let alone at the start of the season.”

With 135 million pounds, Arteta will have his dream attack next season - Football

 Arteta did a good job. 

“They’ve had a bad start, but Mikel Arteta deserves a lot of credit, and what he’s done so well is getting rid of the ‘leftovers’ in the team.”

“Some people frowned when certain players left the pitch, but Arteta understands that squad better than we do, and now look at what Arsenal are doing – obviously, they’re in a better position. much more than before, both on and off the pitch without some of those players.”

“The team that Arteta has at the moment is not good enough to compete for titles – yes, but they are doing well at the moment. And once you get into the Top 4, get into the Champions League, then you’ll have to do that. you can already think about the next step.”