Fred posted, responded directly to Keane and Scholes’ comments

23 Feb 2022 | 06:19

 Manchester United midfielder Fred says he ‘disagrees’ with criticism received from Old Trafford legends.

Rangnick praises Fred

The duo Roy Keane and Paul Scholes have repeatedly criticized the Brazil international since he joined the Reds from Shakhtar Donetsk for £47m in 2018.

Former United captain Keane has called Fred ‘sloppy’ and ‘lazy’ after defeat to Liverpool last season and criticized former manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer for repeatedly trusting the midfielder at the start of the season present. Meanwhile, Scholes accused Fred of ‘lack of fighting’ following defeat to Arsenal two seasons ago. 
Fred posted, responded directly to Keane and Scholes' comments - Football

 Fred got better under Rangnick.

However, Fred refuted these ideas. “They had a lot of glory moments for United and now they get paid to give their opinion, so I’m fine with that,”  Fred was quoted as saying by TNT Sports Brazil.

“It’s their job and they have the right to do so. I don’t agree with that but it’s their opinion .”

“I don’t like confrontation, I’ve heard a lot of negative comments about me, always negative, but I won’t say anything back. My focus is on working on the pitch.”

“On the day of the curtain, everything is just results and they will determine the mood of the supporters. But sometimes even with good results, you will be criticized!

‘That’s football, you need to learn how to deal with criticism. I listen to constructive criticism, that’s for sure.”

“When I hear that I have lost the ball too much in a game, I listen, analyze the game and pay extra attention to correct this aspect of my game when the next opportunity arises.

“But there’s a lot of criticism just to humiliate you, it’s easy to go on social media and write anything full of hatred.”

“I don’t listen to these words but I appreciate constructive criticism, sometimes it can be helpful,” Fred closed the battle of words.