Fantasy Football tips and advice: FPL Gameweek 3 transfer, captain selection and selection

20 Aug 2022 | 08:22

Two weeks of the fantasy football season have passed and FPL’s averages on both are exactly the same.

The score needed is 57 to keep up with the majority of players – although we’re in the early stages of the season so there’s little reason to panic if it’s not quite at that stage.

The team of the week is full of players who are not owned by many people. Joel Veltman, Granit Xhaka, Pierre-Emile Højbjerg, Mathias Jensen and Ben Mee are currently at 2.0% lower.

Rodrigo – flagged as a good alternative in our pre-season column – currently the top scorer on the FPL after three goals in his two outings – that number brings in 22 points and has seen his ownership figure grow to 9.4% .

When should I use my FPL wildcard?

The question of when to use wildcards is always a big one. That’s the key to success, but it can also be problematic if there are too many game weeks between available chips.

Typically, you have one wildcard available for the first half of your campaign and one wildcard for the second half. In a regular season, avoiding the early wildcard temptation is key.

However, this is no ordinary season.

The World Cup in Qatar – which kicks off in November – means an early wildcard might not be the worst decision if things don’t go quite as planned in the opening half of the season.

Using wildcards in the opening trades of the season often means you might have to wait 25 game weeks or so before you can re-implement some significant changes.

The 22/23 campaign is different – like manager will be able to make unlimited transfers after Gameweek 16 . deadline.

“Managers will be able to make unlimited free transfers from Saturday, November 12 at 13:30, after the Gameweek 16 deadline and before the Gameweek 17 deadline on Monday, December 26 at 13:30. “, is the line from the FPL website.

Therefore, playing your first wildcard over the next few weeks means you only have 10-13 rounds before you can make some transfers again.

Gameweek 3 is a very aggressive strategy when it comes to wildcards but it carries much less risk than previous seasons. It’s also worth it if a roster change means more players don’t perform (or get suspended, Mr. Nunez).

When are the FPL wildcards?

  • Wildcard 1 – Gameweek 1 (season start) to Gameweek 16 (Saturday, November 12)
  • World Cup – Unofficial Wildcard: Unlimited changes allowed after Gameweek 16 starts and before Gameweek 17
  • Wildcard 2 – Gameweek 17 (Monday, December 26) to Gameweek 38 (seasonal end)

When is the deadline for FPL Gameweek 3?

FPL Gameweek 3 deadline is Saturday, August 20 at 11:00 BSTwith the first match kicking off at 12:30 BST.

How do FPL chips work?

  • Bench Boost: This calculates the scores of your benchers along with your starting XI – this can only be used once a season
  • Captain three: The captain earns 3x the points for that week – this can only be used once per season
  • Free hits: This allows for unlimited changes for just one game week. A team reverts back after this match has been played – this can only be used once per season

Who has the best gear in Gameweek 3?

According to FPL’s Schedule Difficulty Ranking – the higher the number, the harder the match – the teams are divided as follows:

2: Arsenal (Bournemouth A), Aston Villa (Palace A), Brentford (Fulham A), Chelsea (Leeds A), Palace (Villa H), Everton (Forest H), Fulham (Brentford H), Leicester (Southampton H), Forest (Everton A), Tottenham (Wolves H), West Ham (Brighton H)

3: Bournemouth (Arsenal H), Brighton (West Ham A), Manchester City (Newcastle A)

4: Leeds (Chelsea H), Liverpool (Manchester United A), Southampton (Leicester A), Wolves (Tottenham A)

5: Manchester United (Liverpool H), Newcastle (Manchester City H)

Even if they have a poor start to the season, LEICESTER properties could prove to be good differentiating options as they face a struggling side in Southampton.

NOTTINGHAM FOREST or EVERTON Defensive content can also return a clean sheet as it could be a low score contest, while LIVERPOOLThe Manchester United trip doesn’t sound like a ‘4’ rating based on what we’ve seen from Erik ten Hag’s side so far.

Bournemouth have conceded four games against Manchester City – and while that may only come from 1.68 xG – ARSENAL will prefer their chances of success after four goals against Leicester (3.15 xG) and two against Palace (1.49 xG).

What is the best money transfer for Gameweek 3?

This is the week that you’ll start to see more people using wildcards when searching for the FPL hashtag on Twitter – the World Cup break has added another dimension when it comes to transfers and chip planning.

There’s no right or wrong answer to that, but as said earlier in this column, using it so early won’t be as bad as was the case with previous seasons.

But for those who are only focused on free transfers of one – potentially two – or are willing to shell out a small number of points to add another player, who are the people to aim for in Gameweek 3?

Neco Williams

  • Position: DEF
  • Club: Forest of Nottingham
  • Fixed object: Everton (A)
  • FPL price: £4.0 million

Neco Williams has found himself a popular pick on fantasy football this season.

He has an incredibly low price tag but still plays regularly for Nottingham Forest – that’s why the right-back has had an FPL pick rate of 28.3%.

A game against Everton could yield a clean sheet when the Toffees have problems in attack, but he can also secure a goal or an assist based on his performance. against West Ham last time.

Williams had four hits in that game – two of which were on target – for a substantial 0.6 xG total.

Bryan Mbeumo

  • Position: FWD
  • Club: Brentford
  • Fixed object: Fulham (A)
  • FPL price: 6.0 million pounds

Much of the focus when it comes to Brentford’s offensive assets is on Ivan Toney, but Bryan Mbeumo could also prove to be a solid differentiating pick as they embark on running five ‘2’ labeled devices. on FDR.

This week, they will face Fulham, who have two draws on their standings. The Bees are making a splash though, with a 4-0 win over Manchester United showing the attacking prowess and confidence they have.

Mbeumo had two shots in the win over United – one of which hit the target and found the net. His efforts totaled 0.56 xG, and that means he’s hit the target in each of his two appearances so far.

While Toney was on a punishment mission, Mbeumo had some participate in direct free kick along with the possibility that one of the opportunities to pass. He would probably kick right away if Toney wasn’t on the pitch.

At the time of writing, 487,569 players have moved to Josh Dasilva while 411,940 have moved to Toney – Mbeumo can provide a score that others won’t.

Luis Diaz

  • Position: MID
  • Club: Liverpool
  • Fixed object: Manchester United (A)
  • FPL price: £ 8.0 million

Manchester United away doesn’t look like a game that should now be rated ‘4’ on FDR. Erik ten Hag’s side have started the season badly and Liverpool’s attack can punish them.

This Liverpool forward looks very different from the line-up we’ve been used to seeing over the past few seasons, and after his goal on Monday night, Luis Diaz looked too good to be ignored at the cost of £8. £0.0 million.

The striker has enjoyed massive success since joining the Red Devils in January and finished last season with an average of 0.37 xG/95. He also has 3 goals and 4 assists, has which means he averages 0.54 goals per game.

Without trying to make things sound much simpler, Diaz’s half-season ratio would have resulted in around 14 goals in an actual 38-game campaign, along with 10 assists.

Salah is the star of Liverpool’s attack, but Diaz could very well become one of the brightest options this season.

James Maddison

  • Position: MID
  • Club: Leicester
  • Fixed object: Southampton (H)
  • FPL price: £ 8.0 million

James Maddison found the net when Leicester were beaten by Arsenal in Gameweek 2, and he could have scored last week after a total of six shots against Brentford.

A return to the King Power Stadium will present an extra chance against a team that has conceded six goals and scored 3.89 xG in their two Premier League games so far.

Maddison remains the Foxes’ main attacking threat, with 12 goals and eight assists at the end of the 21/22 season. He can attack in open combat while also being trusted in many setting situation.

Leicester had problems defending last season but so did Southampton – while the Saints conceded twice in the 22/23 campaign. There is a huge possibility of scoring or assisting Maddison this weekend.

Who are the most transferred players in Gameweek 3?

As of 0800 BST on Wednesday, the most transferred players – according to FPL – are:

  1. Gabriel Martinelli – 813,962
  2. Rodrigo – 651.369
  3. Gabriel Jesus – 596,451
  4. Josh Dasilva – 487,569
  5. Ivan Toney – 411,940
  6. Kevin De Bruyne – 318,962
  7. Reece James – 307,241
  8. Oleksandr Zinchenko – 261.446
  9. Dejan Kulusevski – 257,958
  10. Erling Haaland – 231.275

Who should I captain in Gameweek 3?

You’d imagine that Liverpool property remains popular with the captaincy this week – especially MOHAMED SALAH and potentially LUIS DIAZ as an alternative.

Manchester United have conceded six from their opening two games, and even 3.58 times xG has come from games showing they’ve seen plenty of head-to-head opportunities.

Liverpool – despite having only two points on their list – have produced the most xGs in the Premier League this season. 4.75 has resulted in three goals and they will be looking forward to facing United’s defence.

The suspension of Darwin Nunez may mean we see Diaz play more focused, but the main thing is that we can have a lot of confidence in the involvement of both Diaz and Salah.

Manchester City go to Newcastle and ERLING HAALAND will remain a popular pick regardless of the schedule this season.

One of the targets could be Tottenham, who have six goals on their roster so far. They host Wolves in Saturday’s early game – a team that has conceded 2.85 xG in their two matches.

HARRY KANE scored when they drew at Chelsea last weekend, but SON HEUNG-MINThe silent campaign thus far certainly cannot go on much longer.

FPL: Gameweek 3 chooses a captain

More secure options:

  • Harry Kane, Mohamed Salah, Erling Haaland

Alternative options:

  • Kevin De Bruyne, Luis Diaz, Son Heung-min, James Maddison

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