Career threatened, Greenwood has received a valuable lesson

02 Feb 2022 | 13:22

 The young striker of Man United had a bright future before getting caught up in a scandal that shook the football village of the foggy country.

Ten years to plant trees, one hundred years to cultivate people. That saying shows the importance of nurturing and shaping an individual to be useful to society. Ethics is always a factor that needs to be preceded by talent. Your talents will shine even more if we use them to serve and contribute to society.

On the contrary, your talent will be destroyed when our morality goes wrong. Man United will have to consider and rethink the education of players after the Mason Greenwood scandal.

Mason Greenwood - Football

Greenwood is accused of assaulting and sexually assaulting his girlfriend. 

The England striker has been arrested by police following allegations of rape and assault of a woman. The Red Devils also immediately suspended Greenwood until the 20-year-old striker’s problem was cleared up.

Recently, another information continues to make Man United fans more worried. Specifically, Greenwood has been charged with two additional charges related to murder threats and sexual assault. Thus, the process of investigation and interrogation of Greenwood will be extended for more time.

The thoughtless act will seriously affect Greenwood’s career, or even die if charges are established. A painful blow to the reputation of Man United and the English striker personally.

Before the scandal happened, Greenwood was considered the future of the Red Devils attack. Experts compare the 20-year-old young star to the 2.0 version of former striker Robin Van Persie.

Mason Greenwood - Football

Nike brand suspends cooperation with the British striker.

Excellent finishing skills with both feet are Greenwood’s outstanding strengths. The striker born in 2001 has been tested in the role of a striker and has brought many promises.

Talent is undeniable, but a complicated private life becomes a major barrier to Greenwood’s rise to a true superstar.

Mason Greenwood - Football

Greenwood has talent, but his personal life is too complicated.

Step back in time, September 2020; Greenwood was caught up in a shocking scandal during the gathering with England to attend the UEFA Nations League. Greenwood and Phil Foden brought local call girls into the team hotel, seriously violating the rules of COVID-19 prevention.

Coach Gareth Southgate decided to remove Greenwood from the squad. Southgate’s tough punishment hopes that the student can correct and re-evaluate himself.

However, the reality is completely different. This season, Greenwood played erratically. At the same time, the 20-year-old striker was also criticized for his personal style, not actively coordinating with teammates.

The lackluster performance on the field, the scandals outside the pitch make Greenwood’s future even more murky. Young British stars need to learn how to cultivate morality and dignity before they want to shine into a world-class superstar .