Binding Salah, Liverpool need to solve 3 problems

27 Jan 2022 | 10:39

 The process of negotiating a new contract between Liverpool and the Egyptian striker has not made much progress.

The future of Mohamed Salah is a topic of concern for Liverpool at the moment. The current contract between him and The Kop will expire in 2023. Thus, with only 1 year left, the Egyptian striker will leave Anfield.

The excellent performance this season makes fans who love The Kop all wish the home team quickly tied up their main goalscorer. The Twitter lines of the representative Ramy Abbas Issa once again made many Liverpool fans feel bewildered.

Salah and Liverpool - Football

Salah became a hot topic of Liverpool.

Coach Jurgen Klopp reassured fans when revealing that the home team and Salah had had positive talks recently.

You know the exact message Salah was sending. We’re working. Signing a star like Salah is not the same as having a cup of tea in the afternoon and looking for a deal.”

Salah and Liverpool - Football

Egyptian striker 

Salah is fine. I’m okay. Everyone wants the story to be clear, but it takes time, ” Klopp told reporters.

There are 4 main issues in the negotiation process between Liverpool and the Egyptian striker.

1. Money

Financial issues always play an important role in new contracts. The Egyptian striker deserves a higher level of treatment after his contributions to the home team over the past time.

A new 4-year contract with the highest salary in the entire Liverpool team will certainly convince Salah. In the opposite direction, The Kop does not want to break the salary structure of the whole team because of Salah.

Salah and Liverpool - Football

Liverpool need to pay a good salary to keep Salah. 


Virgil van Dijk receives a salary of £ 220 thousand per week, the highest on The Kop side. Thus, to convince Salah to sign a new contract; Liverpool need to offer a salary of £300k or more.

Age is another issue that makes Liverpool hesitate to negotiate money with the Egyptian striker. Salah will turn 30 next June. Therefore, giving a handsome contract to a star like Salah obviously carries many risks in terms of long-term value.

2. Need to break precedent

Liverpool have renewed with many key players in the first team such as Alisson Becker, Andy Robertson, Fabinho, Trent Alexander-Arnold, Harvey Elliott, Van Dijk, Jordan Henderson.

Salah and Liverpool - Football

Liverpool tried hard to keep the pillars.

Gini Wijnaldum is the most regretful case of The Kop in recent times. According to Goal, the Anfield team did not give the Dutch midfielder an attractive enough contract considering Wijnaldum’s age.

Salah’s case is similar. However, the Egyptian striker is expected to be able to maintain his peak performance past the age of 30 when he possesses a serious and scientific diet, exercise and science.

3. Representative

Last March, Abbas updated Salah’s negotiations stopped shortly after the 29-year-old striker was substituted in the match against Chelsea. Abbas’ intentions are quite clear: Salah is not happy and is likely to leave Anfield if not valued at the team.

In a recent talk with the famous baptist Fabrizio Romano, Abbas revealed that he is a bit bored these days. Abbas is not stupid. He knows that his every sentence and every word will be dissected and analyzed by the media.

Salah and Liverpool - Football

Salah and his agent Abbas. 

Abbas knows how to use Salah’s name to demand a higher salary for himself and Salah. The glorious career in the Liverpool shirt brought the Egyptian striker lucrative contracts from Adidas and Pepsi brands.

Liverpool will need to solve the problem of the representative name if they want to be more convenient in tying their pillars. The Kop needs to “pamper” Abbas!