6 teams that have never been relegated from EPL: This season can be reduced by 1

08 Mar 2022 | 10:53

Everton practice

Many clubs in England have existed and played for more than a century, so it is something to be proud of to attend the premier league without interruption for a long time. Even in a shorter time, since the Premier League was established as the successor to the English First Division in 1992, only six teams have never suffered relegation. They are: Manchester United, Arsenal, Tottenham, Liverpool, Everton and Chelsea . Brighton have actually never been dropped from the Premier League, but they only returned to the English No 1 league in 2017, 34 years after being relegated to the lower tier.
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 Everton could leave the Premier League for the first time this season.

Looking back in history, there is no English team that has never been relegated, not even Manchester United or Liverpool. Specifically, the last time Arsenal were relegated was the 1912/1913 season, they have never been relegated since the 1919/1920 season; Everton’s numbers are 1950/1951, 1954/1955; Liverpool: 1953/1954, 1962/1963; Manchester United 1973/1974, 1975/1976; Tottenham: 1976/1977, 1978/1979; Chelsea: 1987-/1988, 1989/1990.


In terms of the pre-Premier League era, Arsenal are historically the most powerful team in the English top flight, last being relegated in the 1912/1913 season, when they (as Woolwich Arsenal) finished last. charts. The Gunners were promoted back to the First Division in the 1919/1920 season and have remained a permanent place in the league ever since.

Everton are behind Arsenal in their longest association with the top flight, having been relegated for the last time in 1951. They were promoted back in 1954 and have never had to leave. But that proud achievement could be interrupted this season. The Toffees are having a bad season and are ranked 17th, just 1 point above the red light group. If this performance continues, their relegation is completely possible.
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 Man City has been relegated many times.

Manchester United were relegated for the last time in the 1973/1974 season, but they recovered immediately and have been in the top flight since 1975. Meanwhile, Manchester City have clearly experienced many ups and downs. in history before becoming undefeated in the last decade.

City once won England in 1937 and 1968. Worth mentioning, they were relegated right in 1938, after winning the championship. The rest of the 20th century they went through many relegations. At the beginning of the Premier League era, Man City was relegated 3 times, had to be relegated to the 2nd division. They returned in 2002, 10 years later began the process of dominating English football.